TechNvst progresses the scaling of your hyper-innovative business by connecting you to relevant markets and providing technology enablement.

TechNvst is the innovation partner to top blue chip enterprises and technology multinationals, connecting them to early-stage global solution creators disrupting key industries. As market-acquisition and technology specialists, we mitigate risk, shorten sales cycles, increase deal size and support the rapid scaling of these market disruptors.

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TechNvst also provides strategic technology engagements through its Chief Technology Office (CTO Office) as an augmentation to its portfolio companies’ technical capability where needed.

The multi-layer objective of this office is to work with portfolio companies to:
  • Validate stability and scalability of existing technologies that are being taken to market.
  • Conduct architectural reviews and advise on future technology strategies to ensure that solutions are futureproof, optimised and leveraging platforms to support the businesses’ expansion strategies.
  • Facilitate proof of concepts to enhance existing solutions and to support the business development motion within TechNvst.
Based on the activity within the emerging ISV space and potential to drive cloud consumption across Africa, TechNvst is a registered cloud solutions reseller. TechNvst’s strategic approach and unique business support model is paving the way to become a best practice for future Solution Integrators.

Please follow this link to apply for Market Acquisition and Technology Enablement support by the TechNvst team.



Fintech is an important sector that is changing the world of finance as we know it


Medical advancements is at the edge of technological innovation for the world population 


With specific focus on smarter cities and smarter service delivery 


Digital transformation of telecommunication is critical to get and stay connected 

Smarter Retail

The world of how we shop is changing, and driven solely by technology 

Green Technologies

Technology will enable a sustainable planet for our children 

Internet of Things

IoT will enable the interconnectivity of smart devices across all industries 


The future of payments through this digital ledger of cryptocurrency transactions 

Artificial Intelligence

Our future world where machines think so we can think bigger things 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

That place where reality and the virtual world collides 

Machine Learning

Where computers learn the ability to learn without being programmed

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Big data is the future of how the world will be understood